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Remodeling and Renovation

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Alexandria, and Falls Church, VA

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Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom is a tough job because of the major plumbing work that comes with it. When not done properly, you will eventually face serious problems due to leaks and other issues . If you are in need of professional bathroom remodeling in Alexandria, and Falls Church, VA, you can always count on our team.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is considered by many as the heart of the house. It is one of the most utilized areas where you do several daily tasks. Thus, a lot of homeowners usually put kitchen remodeling in Alexandria and Falls Church, VAon top of their list. There are several elements in a kitchen – cabinets, floor, plumbing system and the like – and if you want to ensure that every aspect is professionally done, On Duty Handyman, LLC is your perfect partner.

Living room Remodeling

The living room is such an essential part of the house. Whenever you have visitors/guests, the living room is more likely what welcomes them. Also, it’s a place where the family spends a lot of bonding time; therefore, it is important to keep this always in top shape. If you plan to have a living room remodeling, we got your back. We have the training and experience to deliver quality results.

Dining room Remodeling

While the dining room may sometimes go unnoticed since several homes utilize the kitchen as a dining area as well, it’s still part of the house. If you want to build a separation between your kitchen and dining room, or if you want to do it the other way around and merge the two, that won’t be a problem for us. We have worked on several projects in the past to know these types of remodeling projects.

Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling Another room that gets the least attention is the basement. Well, that does not have to be the case. Basements in today’s homes need not be limited only as a storage room. A properly remodeled basement can be used for endless possibilities – added bedroom, wine cellar, home theater or entertainment area, workout room, arts and crafts space and the like. If you have an idea in mind, give us a call and we will create it for you.

Bedroom Remodeling

After a long day’s work, you surely want to retreat to a bedroom that is very inviting and relaxing. It is meant to be a personal fortress where you can have a time for yourself without being disturbed by outdoor elements. Whatever plans you have for your bedroom, we will be happy to help you achieve it.

Lundryroom Remodeling

Like a bathroom, some of the most common problems that a laundry room faces are water leaks and molding. If these are not properly addressed, it would leave the room damp, foul-smelling and eventually useless. If you are ready to create a laundry room that meets your needs and makes washing clothes a task you look forward to, give us a call.

Flooring Remodeling

The floor is one of the major parts of a house, or any structure for that matter. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners do not give it the attention it needs. And because it is constantly exposed to foot traffic, dirt and other damaging elements, the floor will start to creak, discolor, buckle, warp or generally lose its vibrancy. If your floor is in bad shape and you want it remodeled, our expert team is on it! We have the skills, experience, and the right technology and materials to give you a floor you will surely love.

On Duty Handyman, LLC is your team of expert home improvement, renovation and remodeling contractors. If you need professionals to perform minor or major projects like bathroom fixture installation, basement renovation or kitchen remodeling in Alexandria and Falls Church, VA you are at the right place. We always give it our best to meet, if not exceed, your expectations.